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Assessing Pupil Progress using SIMS


  • Up to date evidence of pupil progress
  • Under-performance pinpointed early
  • Reduced workload
  • No need to pay for another Tracking system
Nothing matters more to a school than having up-to-date information on every pupil in school. Cocentra’s Assessing Pupil Progress templates sit within your SIMS system avoiding the need for data to be exported or rekeyed to another tracking system. Teaching and support staff create data only once in a structure they know and understand, reporting is made easier and your senior team have summary data at their finger tips to support self review and target setting.
  • Individual Pupil Progress Tracked – Pupil targets are set and progress tracked through assessments and tests
  • “Traffic lights” – Class and group data sheets highlight those making good progress and those who need extra help
  • Target groups – Intervention groups or vulnerable children are easily filtered for monitoring. Summary level data is provided at all levels
  • Easy to understand Analysis – Using a range of tables and graphics, including tracking grids, pupil progress can be tracked term to term
  • Customised – Our range of Templates can be tailored to meet the needs of your school
  • Reporting – Customised for each school to meet internal and parental reporting requirements
  • APP – Can be added to the templates and customised to school requirements (at an additional charge)
  • Single purchase price – No on-going fees                                                     
We can arrange a free demonstration of the templates in action, please call Louise on 0161 9073880 or email Prices depend on school requirements and quotation provided following visit.
Getting the system up and running is simple, one of our SIMS experts will come to your school and install the templates and tailor them to your requirements. As part of the visit they will provide all the training necessary for you to start using the tracking templates.
The installation is a one off cost with no year on year fees unless you want something changed – unlike the continual cost of other tracking systems.
For details of the cost to your school please call Louise on 0161 9073880 or email