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RAISEonline Workshop/INSET
Get to the nuts & bolts of RAISE

Hands-on RAISEonline training....

and your own school data analysed for your SEF all in one day

A day structured to your needs:
                      •  Ideally one whole day but can be reduced to a brief half day session
                      • Can be to a small group with interactive use of the RAISEonline website
                      • Can include a mix of sessions including a short whole school briefing on the school's data
                      • Can be focused on particular issues or perhaps on section3 of the SEF
                      • Works for clusters of up to 4 schools
The day can include:
                      • An opportunity to put RAISEonline in context of current education agenda and other sources of school data
                      • Familiarisation with RAISEonline and the administration functionality of the system
                      • Activities to understand the use and analysis from school level to individual pupil performance
                      • Using the grouping and filtering functionality to examine the performance of key groups
                      • How to use the data management of RAISE to add data and identify groupings that suit your school   
                      • Question Level Analysis
                      • Use of the target setting functionaltiy to set targets for your students
Provided in school ideally with access to internet for each delegate (on shared basis) - ideal for schools with ICT suite available.
Timing: 9.30am to 3.00pm (3/4hr lunch break) or to suit.
Price: From £550 per day plus reasonable expenses & vat
Additionally the day can include the supervised completion of a formal ‘RAISE Awareness' report which is structured to Ofsted headings and is ideal to support the completion of the school SEF.

Save £100 on the normal price of the RAISE awareness report

 as part of the day

To book a RAISEonline workshop, please call Louise or Ann on 0845 009 4020